What Are the Causes of Shakiness, Nausea & Headache?

What Are the Causes of Shakiness, Nausea & Headache?

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Shakiness, nausea and headache are common symptoms by themselves, but can also present together. While there are appropriate home treatments you can take to alleviate symptoms, remember that if the problems persist you should seek medical attention.


Migraine headaches can cause shakiness and nausea. The migraine may start out as a regular headache before escalating.

Low Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar level drops from not eating, or from medical conditions such as diabetes, you can experience headaches, accompanied by nausea and shakiness.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

One of the most serious, potentially life-threatening causes of shakiness, nausea, and headache, is carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect you have been exposed to carbon monoxide, seek immediate medical treatment.


Pregnancy symptoms include increases in headaches, nausea and shakiness as your body adjusts to the influx of hormones and changes in fluid balances in your body.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning from improperly prepared foods can make you feel nauseous, shaky, and also give you headaches.


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