How to Do Navy SEAL Pushups

How to Do Navy SEAL Pushups

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The U.S. Navy SEALs are special operations forces who operate on sea, air and land, hence the acronym, “SEAL.” There are a variety of requirements for becoming a SEAL, including some challenging physical tests. For example, an enlisted man must perform a minimum of 42 pushups in two minutes as part of a physical screening test (PST) to even be considered for the SEALs. And you can be sure those pushups must be done correctly, according to SEAL standards.

Step 1

Balance yourself on your hands and toes on a floor or an exercise mat, with your arms shoulder-width apart or just a bit wider, and your elbows and knees straight. Your hands should be palms down and flat on the floor or mat.

Step 2

Inhale and lower yourself until your upper chest touches the floor or mat. Keep your body and knees straight and remain on the tips of your shoes.

Step 3

Exhale as you push yourself back into the starting position with your elbows straight.


  • Navy SEAL pushups are performed at a fairly slow pace -- approximately two or three seconds per pushup -- for training purposes, forcing you to resist gravity while dropping down. You'll probably want to do them a bit faster if you take the PST so you can maximize your score. Although 42 pushups in two minutes -- almost one pushup per three seconds -- is the minimum requirement, the average applicant performs 79 pushups in two minutes, or about two pushups for every three seconds.